23.01 2019

The city of Bled : glacier lake and hot water

Image The city of Bled : glacier lake and hot water

Bled is a city in the Upper Carnolian in the Northwestern Slovenia. Bled is endowed with mountains and ski resorts, and other tourist attractions. The town of Bled features a medieval castle and an islet. It also has a fascinating lake: Lake Blad. This guide helps you discover the city of Bled, Slovenia, which is a popular tourist venue.

Bled City, Slovenia

  • Bled City features Lake Bled, which is a glacial lake with hot springs. The lake is located at 55 km from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia.
  • The view of the city from the other side of the lake is just breathtaking, particularly with the sight of the iconic Bled Castle.
  • The Karawanks mountain overlooks the city of Bled. The Southern part of Lake Bled features the dense forests in the plateaus of Pokljuka and Jelovica.
  • The city of Bled is popular for its pastry, especially the vanilla cake with Chantilly cream.

Lake Bled, a glacier lake and a thermal spring

Lake Bled spans on an area of 2.12km long and 0.5 to 1 km-wide. Bled Lake is amazingly beautiful. On top of that, Bled Lake is an ideal place for both swimming and ice skating. Here are some of the most enjoyable things to do at Blade Lake.

  • Admire the landscape: Lake Bled's scenery is so fascinating, with a beautiful view of the blue mountains, the Bled Castle, and the Bled Isle in the middle of the Lake. The sight of the blue-green water is so relaxing!
  • Ice skate in Bled Lake: In the cold snowy winter, Bled Lake is an excellent spot for ice skating, which makes it a very popular tourist attraction.
  • Swim in the thermal spring water: There are thermal springs in the Northeast side of the Lake. In warm winter, Bled Lake is the meeting place for swimmers. The water is warm, with a high of 23°C or 25°C. Tourists can unwind at the thermal swimming pools at the Grand Hotel Toplice, at Hotel Golf, or at Hotel Park. You may also swim and get sun-tanned at the public beach on the Western part of the Lake at no cost.
  • Sports activities: Bled Lake hosts sports events in the summer. In fact, international rowing competitions take place in the Lake in summer. You can also admire the landscape while taking a boat tour of the Lake. Bled Lake is an excellent spot for kayaking and sailing on a pletna wooden boat.
  • Take a guided tour of the Lake: The boat tour will enable you to see the spectacular waterfalls, to marvel at the surrounding villages, and discover the iconic landmarks.

Holiday package at Lake Bled

Lake Bled is the dream of many tourists, due to its fascinating landscape, and excellent tourist attractions. Whether you come in the summer, in fall or in the winter, Lake Bled always has something interesting for you.

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