A 2 days trip in Ljubljana

A 2 days trip in Ljubljana

When we want to have a break, to go out of this routine, thinking about Ljubljana is not spontaneous. Nevertheless, this picturesque city will offer you a pleasant and relaxed journey. Being a small city, 2 full days will be enough to discover this wonderful place.

How to plan the trip?

Capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is at the heart of the Slovenian culture and its main economic city. With its 280 000 inhabitants and 275 kilometers square to browse, this city becomes more one of the best destinations to a short stay. It mixes Medieval, Baroque style and New Art in its architecture, paved streets, terraces and bridges. Markets and castles are also incredible.

What to do in 2 days?

To make your 2 days full of emotions and adrenaline, here some tips of what to see and to do.

1- Day 1

  •  Begin the day by visiting the Bridge of the Dragon the symbol of the city of Ljubljana. While you're admiring, notice the feet of streetlights in the shape of dragons.
  •  Go to marketplaces which store fruits and vegetables from local farmers, with their local cheese too. On this place, you will find the magnificent Cathedral of St Nicholas
  •  Then, go admiring the castle of Ljubljana, a Medieval castle situated at the top of the hill. With this tower, the panoramic view of all the neighborhood is just mind-boggling.
  •  Follow the river to cross the triple bridge and reach the Fountain Robba, decorated with an obelisk at the foot of which the white marble faces symbolize three main rivers of Carniole.
  •  To end your day, choose a restaurant using the expression “Kosilo” to eat good food at a reasonable price.

2- Day 2

  •  Visit the museum of the railroad (Elezniski Muzej) situated in 1,5 km of the city including about fifteen old steam engines of more than a century old. You can sit down on the Spartan wooden benches of an old car, or discover the consoles of the rails' points.
  •  A few minute-drive from Ljubljana is located the twin hills of Smarna Gora. This place is really appreciated. It is an excellent place for hiking, which lasts approximately one hour and half.
  •  Have an appetizer at the bar, perched at the top of the skyscraper of Neboticnik. The bar spreads out on three floors and allows you to admire all the Slovenian capital with a sight in 360 °. Through its tower, you can have a fantastic view of the Julian Alps.
  •  Don't forget to go back to the Castle at night. While visiting Ljubljana, once at night, endeavor to climb by the small alleys of the city center up to the castle, and admire the splendid view on the Slovenian capital.

How to get there?

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The Slovenian capital guarantees you some magic moments during your stay. For more information, Ljubljana was classified by Forbes as the 5th city where the life is idyllic. Also, it received the prize city green in 2016. Don't procrastinate, book your flights with Opodo, trust its services and do the 2 full day-tour of Ljubljana.